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   Final product of human’s continuous effort for improving living conditions during his several thousand years life is city. The city beyond its body represents spirit and meaning which indicates goals of its makers. It is a meaning higher than environmental obligations and i...


The Supreme Council of Congress  


Dr. Mohamad Ali Keynezhad


According to the emphasis of the Supreme leader, one of the most important issues in the ...

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Dr. Azita Balali Oskuyi


The subject of idealism and its individual and collective manifestation (ideal society) have ...

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Dr. Farhad Akhundi


In the midst of the pervasive crises of this age, we may need to look at our urban areas ...

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About Tabriz

Tabriz is one of the big cities of Iran and center of East Azerbaijan province. This city is the biggest city in North West of Iran and Azerbaijan regions and is recognized as administrative, connective, trading, political, industrial, cultural....