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According to new regulations and approval made by ministry of science, research and technology and also the guideline for holding scientific- research conferences of Islamic Azad University, hereinafter, only the conferences which are registered in ISC are accredited by ministry of science and only the presented papers in conferences and congresses which are indexed in ISC have research point and thesis grade. So regarding the high importance and very high scientific level of 2nd.International Conference on Architecture, Civil Engineering, Urban Development, Environment and Horizons of Islamic Art in the Second Step Statement of the Revolution as the biggest, most valid and most disciplined annual scientific, research and executive gathering in civil, architecture, urbanization and environment in the Middle east in Iran and Shahid Behehshti Tehran University, we announce that this conference has been registered and indexed in Islamic World Science Citation Center and all admitted papers in this congress will benefits the above point and will be indexed in it.

Meanwhile, whereas the science measurement criteria has been based on scientific regulations, those scientific products which are indexed by ISC have the same value of ISI products, so registering a scientific conference in Islamic World Science Citation Center has remarkable important due to scientific appraisal of that conference in researchers and academics’ view. Ministry of science, research and technology appraises the scientific status of universities, research and technology centers, seminaries, journals, scientists, authors of papers in scientific journals of Iran and other Islamic countries based on citation analysis upon establishing and governing Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC).


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