Target groups and congress audiences 


• Professors, experts, scientists, directors and university students in all tendencies of architecture,civil, urban development, environment, urban planning and management

• Universities, study centers and all research and educational institutes

• All researchers and interested ones in urban sustainable development

• All policy-making organs in civil, architecture, urban development, environment, and urban development

• Housing and urban development organizations, foundation of housing and organization for engineering order of building

• Ministries, organizations, committees and staffs active in this area

• Planning deputyships and strategic supervisions of governors all over the country

• Guild unions and non-governmental organization in civil, architecture, urban development, environment, and urban sustainable development

• All consulting companies and executive in civil and urban projects

• Ministry of road and housing

• Municipalities and affiliated organizations and Islamic assemblies of city

• All policy-making organizations, departments and organs in construction industry

• Companies, technical and engineering offices, contractors, mass constructors and employers

Urban railway organizations of metropolises


Important Dates




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