Message of Secretary 

In the Name of God

In the midst of the pervasive crises of this age, we may need to look at our urban areas, find the crises in it, and, with the help of our past experiences, take advantage of our present experiences with a forward-looking view of our earthly paradise, which is the utopia, let’s rebuild. Our utopia is an Islamic-Iranian city; A city left over from a glorious civilization with a spirit of sublime Islamic teachings; The context in which the perfect man is born grows and returns to his origin.

Therefore, in this regard, by highlighting spiritual values in order to achieve a new Islamic civilization, researchers in various sciences should study all cases of the statement of the second step of the revolution, which is a valuable treasure of strategic advice and principles, and link it with their specialized sciences. God willing, they will be effective in realizing the new Islamic civilization and the Iranian Islamic way of life, and will realize the Islamic art, architecture, civil engineering and urban planning.

Hopefully, this important event will be held annually and regularly with the highest research and scientific standards and related licenses and with the cooperation, support and support of prestigious universities and research centers in the country. Creating a good opportunity to exchange information and present achievements New research and implementation among thinkers, researchers, craftsmen, students and stakeholders in the field of architecture, art, civil engineering, urban development and environment of the country in the perspective of the statement of the second step of the revolution is the most important goal of holding the 2nd.International Conference on Architecture, Civil Engineering, Urban Development, Environment and Horizons of Islamic Art in the Second Step Statement of the Revolution with the presence of prominent professors.

Therefore, I am proud to invite all specialists, experts, students, researchers and scientists of scientific, research and industrial centers to participate in various programs of the second period of this conference in this important international event and present the latest scientific and executive achievements provide the ground for achieving the above goals.



Dr. Farhad Akhundi

Congress Secretary

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